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Air Conditioning Service

We will service and test: thermostat, replace 1” filter, temperature drop, condenser coil, airflow, electrical connections, amp and voltage draw on motors, refrigerant charge, condensate drain, capacitors, refrigerant leaks, compressor, disconnect box, evaporator coil, blower, and control board.

Heating Service

We will service and test: thermostat, replace 1” filter, inspect heat exchanger, temperature rise, fan control, safety limits, check for gas leaks, gas valve operation, ignition system, gas pressure, venting, check for carbon monoxide, reversing valves, back up heat elements, sequencers and defrost control.

Replacement Systems

When clients request a quote on new HVAC equipment, we come to the home and evaluate the current system. We run a load calculation to determine the correct size of the heating and air conditioning unit space requires. We then present several product options to meet the comfort needs of the homeowner.

Residential Service

Our residential program includes a spring and summer service. The benefits of the plan are lower utility bills, extended equipment life, improved safety, improved cooling and heating capacity, a 10% discount on repairs, transferable agreement, and priority customer scheduling.

Commercial Service

For our commercial customers, we will custom tailor a plan to fit your needs. We offer either two or four times a year service and testing of your equipment. The benefits of the plan are: eliminate downtime and keep your employees and customers comfortable and happy. Call us for a free quote on this service.

Service Plans

Your Heating & Air Conditioning unit will need to check up annually to ensure proper operation and maintenance. AccuAir takes the guesswork out of the maintenance of your systems with our multi-point service plan.  Our full-service check-up will ensure you have the proper airflow and that all facets of the system are working properly.  So whether you have an old unit or a new unit we ensure the temperature inside your home is guaranteed.

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