At AccuAir Heating and Cooling, we are happy to provide complimentary second opinions for residential and commercial customers. And we never mind when customers tell us they are thinking about asking another company’s opinion before we replace their HVAC system.

Here are a couple of reasons why you may want to consider getting a second opinion: 

  • Recommendations to immediately take care of a serious problem when your HVAC system has been working properly
  • Special pricing or discounts that are only good for one day
  • HVAC contractors who pressure you into paying for services or equipment before the work is started
  • Bids that seem too good to be true — significantly lower bids can mean lower quality parts and products
  • Unwillingness to give you a “no hidden costs” quote on the work
  • HVAC companies that are not licensed in Georgia

And one of the best ways to recognize those times when you need a second opinion is to trust your intuition. So, if something doesn’t sound right or feel right, call AccuAir Heating and Cooling before authorizing the replacement or ordering a replacement system.

Any reputable HVAC company will understand why you would want to get a second opinion. And those air conditioning and heating companies that don’t are probably not the type of company you should be doing business within the first place. Highly qualified and skilled HVAC contractors know how they stand out from other HVAC companies, so they know that you will ultimately choose them.

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